MOHCCN Gold Cohort - Regional Consortium Projects

The MOHCCN is the realization of a long-standing vision at the TFRI to unite cancer centres across the country to work collaboratively to advance cancer research and care. The dawn of the Network saw a $12M pilot project, launched in 2017, between BC Cancer in Vancouver, British Columbia and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario demonstrating the feasibility of a precision oncology collaboration spanning jurisdictional and geographic borders. In 2019, a $6.5M initiative was launched that saw the formation of the Montreal Cancer Consortium, a collaboration between seven institutions within the province of Québec.  

These pilot projects led to the formation of the MOHCCN’s three founding regional consortia upon signing of the Contribution Agreement in 2021, representing the country’s three largest provinces: the BC Cancer Consortium (BC2C), representing British Columbia, the Princess Margaret Cancer Consortium (PM2C), representing Ontario, and the Marathon of Hope – Québec (MOH-Q) consortium, representing Québec. In 2022, the Prairies Cancer Research Consortium (PR2C) joined the Network with members across Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. In 2023, the Atlantic Cancer Consortium (ACC) was established with members from New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, achieving a coast-to-coast network that includes all ten Canadian provinces.

These consortia, which are supported by  leadership and staff from member institutions across the country, play a pivotal role in our Network. In addition to contributing to the Network's operations and governance structure, each consortia selects the cohorts that will be contributing data to the MOHCCN Gold Cohort. 

Researchers and clinicians looking to contribute cohorts and receive funding for sequencing through this program should reach out to institutional and consortium leadership. Learn more about our five regional consortia here.