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MOHCCN Working Groups

The vision of MOHCCN is to bring together leading Cancer Centres across Canada to collaborate on precision medicine to benefit cancer patients and drive innovation. The goal of the Network is to apply advanced technologies such as genomics and other omics, high-powered imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) to advance precision oncology and improve cancer diagnosis and management.

When the funding for the MOHCCN was announced by the Federal Government in March 2019 it was determined that the MOHCCN should operate according to agreed standards and guidelines recommended by nominated Expert Working Groups (WGs). Currently, the MOHCCN is supported by 11 Working Groups comprised of clinicians, researchers, administrators and patients.

Data Policy and Standards Committee

Mandate: Provide recommendations on core aspects of data sharing, data access & use, and data privacy principles for the development of policies.

Composition: Lincoln Stein (Chair), Steven Jones (Chair), Tran Truong, Emily Van de Laar, Daniel Gaston, Tim Hanna, Jessica Nelson, Ian Watson, Hardeep Nahal-Bose, Guillaume Bourque, Anne Marie Mes-Masson, Dominique Trudel, Benjamin Haibe Kains, Man Zawati, Jennifer A. Chan, Caron Strahlendorf, Stephanie Grover, Sidney Croul, Martin Hirst

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Clinical Data Standards Sub-Committee (CDS)

Mandate: Provide recommendations on developing the MOHCCN clinical and omics data models and ontologies.

Composition: Lincoln Stein (Chair), Tran Truong, Jessica Nelson, Balvir Deol, Hardeep Nahal-Bose, Anna Dodd, Jennifer A. Chan, Anne Marie Mes-Masson, Nicolas Luc, Christine Caron, David Bujold, Lillian Siu, Phillippe Bedard, Emily Van de Laar, Marshall Pitz, Anita Villani, Rod Rassekh, Sidney Croul, Alexi Surette

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Health Technology Assessment Working Group

Mandate: Standardization of HTA data elements and support HTA data collection through data linkage protocols.

Composition: Dean Regier (Chair), Timothy Hanna, Erin Strumpf, Deirdre Weymann, Emanuel Krebs, Nicole Mittmann, Yvonne Bombard, Samantha Pollard, Avi Denburg, Robin Urquhart, Saroj Niraula, Doreen Ezeife

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Scientific Questions Working Group


  • Connect and represent scientific communities across the spectrum of the Network
  • Provide overarching scientific questions and themes as a guide to Network activities
  • Recommend priorities for funding and future cohort selection

Composition: Christian Steidl (Chair), Lillian Siu (Chair), Dan Renouf, Trevor Pugh, Scott Bratman, George Zogopoulos, Mark Basic, Ian Watson, Sherri Christian, Tony Reiman, Rima AI-Awar, Jonathan Bramson, Jason Berman, Eileen Rakovitch, Janet Dancey, Sam Aparicio, Sorana Morrissy, Jim Woodgett, André Veillette, Rejean Lapointe, Laszlo Radvanyi.

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Biospecimens Working Group

Mandate: Provide recommendations on the acquisition, processing, storage, derivatives, quality management, release, and data around biospecimens. Ensuring a fit for purpose collection to meet the needs of the MOHCCN and with the Technology working group to ensure alignment.

Composition: Anne-Marie Mes Masson (Chair), Trevor Pugh (Chair), Liliane Meunier, Christine Caron, Madeleine Arseneault, Suzanne Vercauteren, Sidney Croul, Jennifer Chan, Kathryn Graham, Sachin Katyal, Andy Mungall, Ben Wang, Ilinca Lungu, Emily Vandelaar, Carrie Hirst, Jonathan Bush, Thomas Sontag, Veronique Barres, Stephanie Crapoulet, Viktor Deineko

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Patients Working Group

Mandate: Recruit and recommend to the Executive 8-10 patients at various points in their cancer journey, able to meet on a regular basis to discuss needs of cancer patients involved in MOHCCN developments. Structure the activities of the Patient Working group so as to contribute patient members with experience and expertise to various other MOHCCN WGs to establish an open dialogue. Develop an appropriate pan-Canadian education campaign relating to cancer patient needs and availabilities of solutions.

Composition: Nicole Beauchemin (chair), Nathalie Lamarche (chair)

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Return of Results Subgroup

Mandate: To provide recommendations on a structure to return cancer-related germline results as the primary objective. Moving in the future, to somatic recommendations as the second objective.

Composition: Janessa Laskin (Chair), George Zogopoulos (Chair), Intan Schrader, Raymond Kim, William Foulkes, Holly Longstaff, Nicole Beauchemin, Caron Strahlendorf, Man Zawati, Stephanie Grover, Anita Villani, John Thoms, Shantanu Banerji, John Mackey

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Technology Working Group

Mandate: Provide recommendations to profile the genomes and discussions around how to organize, share, and advance on all these fronts the most high-quality data possible in the most cost-effective way.

Composition: Marco  Marra, Trevor Pugh, Ian Watson, Sorana Morrissy, Thomas Belbin

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Immuneprofiling Subgroup

Mandate: Provide recommendations on immune profiling techniques.

Composition: Ian Watson (Chair), Hanne Ostergaard (Chair), Tricia Coffrel, Logan Walsh, Hartland Jackson, Ernesta Paola, Angela Chan, Pam Ohashi, Ben Wang, Rob Holt, Brad Nelson, Ryan Brinkman, Rejean Lapointe, John Stagg, Simon Turcotte, Jean Sebastien Delisle, Jeanette Boudreau, Ming Tsao, Trevor Pugh

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IP and Commercialization


Develop MOHCCN policies as it relates to the following:

  • Definition of the various relevant categories of generated intellectual property under the consortium (“Foreground IP”)
  • Ownership of each category Foreground IP
  • Revenue sharing (as distinct from ownership) as it relates to:
    • Foreground IP arising from Academic (non-commercial/no commercial funding) Secondary Studies using MOH/Member Resources
    • Foreground IP arising from Commercially Funded (Sponsored Research) Secondary Studies using MOH/Member Resources
    • Foreground IP arising from Commercial Entity Directed Studies using MOH/Member Resources
  • Revenue sharing (as distinct from ownership) as it relates to each of the above – where the Secondary Study is MOH Funded.
  • Developing a Framework for “Rules” as it relates to third-party Sponsored Research and/or third-party Funded Research as it relates to Access to the MOH Resources to ensure reasonable/fair access and terms.

The members of Marathon of Hope IP and Commercialization Committee will also be responsible for the developing policies, operational requirements, and recommendations for agreement amendments to address the following:

  • Define various relevant categories of Commercial Activities
  • Coordinating with other working groups/committees and other appropriate legal, privacy, and digital security experts to develop a framework to allow for Commercialization Activities– requiring addressing the following issues:
  • Appropriately Tagging MOH Data/Materials to properly identify legal restrictions (Contractual or statutory) on the use of the Data/Materials or Commercial Activities
  • Understanding compliance obligations as it relates to applicable privacy and digital security requirements, and technical capability/feasibility to allow for an appropriate process for each category of Commercial Activities.

Composition: Lesley Rapaport (Chair), Robert Ciriello, Sarah Jane Lee, Remi Richard, Corinne Benquet, John Lewis.

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Canadian Spectrum Working Group

Mandate: To develop inclusion strategies for the under-represented population. It should reflect all of the Canadian Spectrum:

  1. Rare cancers
  2. Rural and remote
  3. Indigenous people
  4. Immigrant population
  5. Refugees
  6. Low income/high income.

Composition: Nadine Caron, Gina Ogilvie, Marco Marra, Wardah Mirza

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