Supporting researchers by sharing data, knowledge and resources
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Information for Researchers

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network is creating the Team Canada of Cancer Research, harnessing the talent, passion and energy of Canada’s top scientists and clinicians to accelerate the implementation of precision medicine for cancer.

We are committed to supporting our researchers by creating a network that will allow us to share resources, knowledge and data like never before, bringing us one step closer to making Terry Fox’s dream of finding new cures for cancer through research a reality.

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Policies and Guidelines

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network supports the unification of top-tier cancer researchers and clinicians and the sharing of data, the development and validation of exciting new technologies and the delivery of the best outcomes for every cancer patient in Canada, no matter where they live. Supported by MOHCCN Committees and Working Groups, the development of MOHCCN policies and guidelines are key components required for the development and responsible sharing of Network data.

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Funding Opportunities

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network runs a number of funding competitions to help support individual researchers and groups working to accelerate precision medicine for cancer in Canada. To allocate its resources, the MOHCCN has international experts evaluate the excellence and the potential for impact of all its research projects..

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MOHCCN Seminar Series

The MOHCCN Seminar Series features virtual talks from MOHCCN research partner investigators and trainees. These seminars will be of interest primarily to cancer researchers, clinicians and trainees across the country.

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