Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network Study for Ontario/Canadian Atezolizumab Precision Targeting for Immunotherapy Intervention (MOHCCN-O/CAPTIV-8)


  1. Assess the activity/efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibition in subjects selected by a novel immune, burden, variant (IBV) scoring system based on whole genome transcriptome analysis (WGTA) in a variety of tumor types in an advanced disease setting



MOHCCN-O: MOHCCN-O is an Ontario-wide molecular profiling study for whole genome transcriptome sequencing (WGTS) via the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network initiative. Subjects who have successful sequencing of their tumor, analyzed by bioinformatics team, and reviewed at the PM2C Molecular Tumor Board, are considered for suitable, potentially matching clinical trials. Patients with any blood or solid tumour malignancies can enroll in MOHCCN-O.

CAPTIV-8:  Patients who have specific CAPTIV-8 biomarkers for enrollment (Immune, Burden, Variant (IBV) Score > 5), with no prior treatment with anti-PD1/L1 antibodies or antibody drug conjugates, would be eligible to receive atezolizumab on CAPTIV-8. There are 8 disease specific cohorts for CAPTIV-8: breast, lung, GI, GU, GYNE, Sarcoma, Primary Unknown, and Other.