Policy documents for Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network researchers

Policies and Guidelines

The goal of the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centre Network (MOHCCN) is to accelerate the adoption of Precision Medicine for cancer patients through the creation of a pan-Canadian Network of designated Cancer Centres. The Network supports the unification of top-tier cancer researchers and clinicians and the sharing of data, the development and validation of exciting new technologies and the delivery of the best outcomes for every cancer patient in Canada, no matter where they live.

Supported by MOHCCN Committees and Working Groups, the development of MOHCCN policies and guidelines are key components required for the development and responsible sharing of Network data.


MOHCCN Researcher Code of Conduct: Data Policy and Standards Committee (DPSC)

Key to the success of the Network are the shared values, principles and practices of the Marathon of Hope Research Community that are embedded in the MOHCCN Researcher Code of Conduct and apply both to individual community members and their host institutions. These shared values, principles and practices guide the expectations of those that are using MOHCCN data to further the adoption of precision medicine in Canada.


MOHCCN Data Access and Use Policy: Data Policy and Standards Committee (DPSC)

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network (MOHCCN) Data Access and Use Policy defines the procedures and timelines for access to and use of data shared with the Network in research endeavors. The Policy aims to expedite data access to the Network. Network Data includes all data that is generated with the use of MOHCCN funding and made available by the Network and its Partners. Network Data may include genomic and other molecular data types, along with clinical and other health-related information.


MOHCCN "Gold Cohort" Standards Policy: Technology Working Group (TWG)

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network (MOHCCN) aims to create a “Gold Cohort” of clinical cancer specimens with a well-annotated, uniformly generated, and consistently quality-controlled dataset (clinical and genomic) from 15,000 (15k) cases collected from across Canada over 5 years. The Technology Working Group (TWG) has developed the current policy to define the data requirements to complete a MOHCCN Gold Standard Case. This policy will be followed by additional guidelines to support the collection of data around each case.


MOHCCN Clinical Data Model V1: Data Standards Sub-Committee (DSC)

The Data Standards Sub-Committee (DSC) has been set up as a sub-committee of the Data Policies and Standards Committee. The goal of the DSC is to support the harmonization of data across cohorts and the promotion of uniform analysis.

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If you have any questions, or would like to request a revision of these policies, please contact:

Isabel Serrano, PhD
TFRI Senior Network Manager for the MOHCCN