The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Project (CPC-GENE)
Light blue digital illustration of DNA strand

The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Project (CPC-GENE)

Project Title:   The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Project (CPC-GENE)

Project Duration: 2011-2025

MOHCCN Consortium: Princess Margaret Cancer Consortium

Investigators:  Dr. Hansen He, Dr. Alejandro Berlin, Dr. Theodorus van der Kwast, Dr. Neil Fleshner


  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • OICR


  1. To identify cancer-specific genetic, genomic, and molecular heterogeneity in prostate tumor DNA which can significantly improve predictions of clinical outcomes after radical treatment in intermediate risk prostate cancer patients, after accounting for integral clinico-pathological parameters
  2. To profile single-cell RNA-sequencing and/or spatial transcriptomics for 100 tumor samples


Canadian prostate cancer genome network (CPC-G) is a cohort of 450 intermediate-risk prostate cancer with long-term clinical follow-up (median = 10.2 years). We have performed multimodal genomic and epigenomic profiling of these 450 prospectively-accrued fresh-frozen tissue specimens, including whole-genome sequencing, EPIC 850K DNA methylation arrays, ultra-deep (~200M reads/sample) RNA-sequencing, multi-color immunohistochemistry, proteomics, and cell free-DNA methylation. We also explore how germline and somatic mutations affects tumor microenvironment and tumor progression. This cohort is included in ICGC PRAD-CA and Pan Prostate Cancer Group (PPCG), providing further integration into clinically-driven cancer genomics initiatives from around the world.