TFRI Atlantic Canada Myeloma Cohort
Light blue digital illustration of DNA strand

TFRI Atlantic Canada Myeloma Cohort

Project Title: Identification of Novel Targets in Primary and Metastatic Breast Cancers 

Project Duration: 2023-2025

MOHCCN Consortium: Atlantic Cancer Consortium (ACC)

Investigators:  Manal Elnenaei, Tony Reiman 


  • Horizon Health Network
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of New Brunswick 


  1. To prospectively enroll multiple myeloma patients in Atlantic Canada in a biobanking cohort, collecting bone marrow, blood and clinical outcomes data.

  2. To analyze prospectively and retrospectively collected biospecimens and corresponding clinical data in multiple research projects, including:

    1. Profiling NK cells and myeloma ligands for NK cell receptors

    2. Validating a genomic risk stratification tool for myeloma

    3. Myeloma epitope mapping

  3. To provide 130 cases for the MoHCCN Gold Cohort, in which RNA-seq and whole-genome next generation DNA sequencing is conducted on cancer cells and matching non-cancer cells from myeloma patients. 


Multiple myeloma is an incurable, debilitating bone marrow cancer that afflicts over 3000 Canadians annually. In Atlantic Canada we have a myeloma research group that currently includes members from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, with the potential to expand across the four Atlantic Provinces. Myeloma biobanking has been ongoing in Atlantic Canada for many years. Several lines of investigation into myeloma etiology, biology, biomarkers and therapeutics are ongoing within the group. The creation of the Atlantic Cancer Consortium and its linkage to the MoHCCN will enable the growth and expansion of myeloma research in Atlantic Canada and will support additional myeloma research projects beyond those listed here. The MoHCCN will enable myeloma researchers in our region to build upon existing myeloma research collaborations across the country to develop national – scale research into this disease.