MOHCCN Update: 2024 is off to a great start for our Network!

A note from Dr. André Veillette, Executive Director of the MOHCCN

I am very excited to share that 2024 is off to a great start! 

After a long process that involved an Open Call for White Papers, extensive consultation with stakeholders, rigorous peer-review and the signing of Network agreements, we are happy to announce that the MOHCCN Pan-Canadian Projects program is officially under way!

As you probably know, until now, the bulk of our Network’s investment supported projects within our regional consortia. This helped establish the policy and technological framework needed to generate data nationally, according to Network standards. Now that these synergies exist, we are expanding our investment to projects that cut across regions, integrating researchers and clinicians in new and exciting ways. We know that this is where we will see the true impact of the Network on the Canadian cancer research and care landscape. This is why, two weeks ago, we were so excited to announce the first four teams to receive funding through this program. In total, 20 such teams will be funded, and we will be announcing these projects over the next few months as Network agreements are signed.

In other news, in January we announced a new leadership appointment for the Network.  As of January 15, Dr. Isabel Serrano has been promoted to the role of managing director of the MOHCCN.  I have had the chance to work with Isabel for nearly two years, and during this time she has proven that she is not only an exceptional manager and leader, but also a fantastic person who is smart, honest, kind and reliable. In this new role, Isabel will direct the Network’s daily operations and research initiatives as well as its continued growth, including sustainability initiatives. I can’t wait to see where her leadership takes us!

This exciting news is coupled with the fantastic announcement that Dr. Natalie Szudy has been named managing director of the Digital Health and Discovery Platform, which is now reignited after the Terry Fox Research Institute signed an updated agreement with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The DHDP will provide the technological backbone for our Network to share data and make discoveries to accelerate precision medicine for Canadians. We look forward to continue collaborating with Dr. Szudy and all DHDP stakeholders as we work together on achieving our joint goals.

Finally, I just want to say that none of this growth would be possible without you: the researchers, clinicians, patients, administrators, fundraisers and supporters who make this Network a reality. As you continue reading this newsletter, you will see that we continue to build momentum, which is why I am convinced that – thanks to your efforts – 2024 will continue to bring growth for our Network and its members.


Dr. André Veillette, Executive Director, MOHCCN


Latest News

Network Growth

  • New members. Since our last newsletter, two more institutions have become Network members. Please join me in welcoming the Lawson Health Research Institute and Unity Health Toronto to the Team Canada of Cancer Research! This exciting announcement brings our total number of member institutions to 34, a number we believe will continue growing in the coming months.
  • More cases. As always, you can follow our progress towards creating the MOHCCN Gold Cohort on the homepage of our website.

 Network voices

Website refresh

  • Exciting functionalities. If you’ve visited our website in the past couple of weeks you may have noticed some exciting changes! You can now see all the projects and cohorts supported by the Network, and filter them by province, cancer type and funding program. You can also filter News items, Network Voices stories, Members and People in the same way.
  • New look and feel. We’ve also modernized the look and feel of our pages, while keeping true to our brand identity. We hope the new website is cleaner and easier to use!

New policies

Upcoming events

  • MOHCCN Seminar Series. We are relaunching the MOHCCN Seminar Series this year. The first event will take place on Thursday, Feb. 29th at 1pm EST and will feature presentations by members of the Princess Margaret Cancer Consortium. The event will be co-chaired by Network staff and members of the Patient Working Group. Register here.
  • TFRI’s 10th Scientific Meeting. Please remember to save the date for the TFRI’s 10th Scientific Meeting, which includes MOHCCN sessions and attendees, and takes place in Toronto from May 23 to 26 (travel dates included). More information on this event will be shared soon. Attendance is limited and will be by invitation.
As you read this newsletter, you will see that we continue to build momentum, which is why I am convinced that – thanks to your efforts – 2024 will continue to bring growth for our Network and its members.