What is the purpose of the open call for white papers?

The purpose of this first open call is to solicit input from anyone in the cancer community who has an idea that they believe has potential to impact the diagnosis and treatment of cancer from a precision medicine perspective. The white paper is not intended as a call for a specific cancer research grant or an individual research grant.

Is there a prescribed format for a white paper?

There is no required format for a white paper. You are encouraged to provide material in a format which most clearly makes the case for the subject matter under discussion.

Are there minimum or maximum lengths for a white paper?

While there is no maximum length for a white paper, as noted in the original announcement, we encourage conciseness and consideration of feasibility and scope.

Is the participation of multiple institutions or regions within Canada a requirement?

Authors of white papers are encouraged to consult with other researchers and centres with similar interests and a willingness to collaborate, but it is not a requirement.

Can white papers come from researchers not at one of the currently designated Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres?

Absolutely. This is an inclusive and open call to Canadian scientists and clinicians.

If there is overlap between the topic of the white paper, and currently funded MoH research, will this disqualify the white paper from proceeding further?

Not necessarily. However, the white paper will be expected to expand the impact of the currently funded research beyond its current status in innovative or measurable ways.

What is the adjudication process for white papers once submitted?

White papers will be reviewed by the MoHCCN Network Council and other expert MoH Committees as appropriate to the subject matter, and one or more of the white paper topics may be shortlisted for inclusion in a request for proposals. Other white papers that are meritorious but may require further development may become the subject of workshops for submission through a future call. MoHCCN Network Council may request permission to post white papers to its website for further comment. If the reviewers feel there is significant overlap in terms of the research proposed with that of another group, the two groups may be encouraged to work together to submit a unified proposal.

As noted previously, your white paper will be evaluated based upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: 1) scientific excellence, 2) the importance of the clinical need, 3) the strategic importance/relevance of the white paper to the MOHCCN mission and goals, 4) potential for impact, and 5) capacity and readiness of the authors to deliver.

What is the timeline for review, and when will a Request for Proposals be announced?

The MoHCCN intention, which may be subject to change, is to prepare for a request for proposals to be posted and circulated by December, 2021.

What level of funding will be available?

It is too early to tell. Levels will be determined at the RFA stage.

As part of the Request for Proposals, will partnered funding be a requirement, and if so what level and from what organizations/institutions?

The MOHCCN operates on a partnership model, requiring investments and matching cash contributions to be made by all partners. It is anticipated that projects funded by the MoHCCN will be structured similarly and guidance in eligibility of such funds will be provided.